Finally Hindi recognized by Google-text-to-speech

This is much awaited update for Indian peoples. With its new update to Google-text-speech engine on Android, Google now recognizes Hindi language. So, you can do OK GOOGLE in Hindi too. Pretty cool :).

Although I am not sure how useful it will be, but definitely it's a much awaited update for smartphone users in India. I found it little slow and the app does not put punctuation in any of sentences. 

You can get the latest news and update your app here.

Steps to set Hindi as Google-text-to-speech language in your android device:
  1) Go to setting
  2) Select Language & input
  3) Select Language
  4) Select Hindi from the language list

That's it. Your text-to-speech engine is switched to Hindi.

Its still early days for Hindi in Google-text-to-speech. Definitely many more improvements would be coming surely in future. By then, I would still prefer to use English.

Thanks for reading.


Manoj Chaudhary

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